Thursday, 14 July 2011

My favourite perfumes

As I am a big fan of perfume, I simply cannot decide which one is my favourite. So I am going to list down my top three favourite perfumes that I adore and wear the most. 

From the top and probably my most favourite one is.. 

Bvlgari Omine Crystalline

I wholeheartedly love Omnia Crystalline. If  I were to pick one amongst my favourite perfumes, it is certainly without doubt, Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline. It has the best of both worlds for me. When you first spray it onto your skin, it gives you clean and fresh scent. After a while, the smell develops into a slight floral and sexy sharp (a very slight hint of masculine) smell. In case you are confuse with how I have described it floral and yet masculine, this is what Omnia Crystalline is described as:
``a delicate fruity floral experience with notes of bamboo, Japanese pear, lotus flower and balsa wood.'' 
I wear it in the summer and winter mostly and I always get people telling me that I smell nice and what I am wearing. The lasting power is brilliant and I never used more than 3 sprays. 

Second on the list is..

D&G Rose The one

I remember smelling it the first time in Debenhams a year ago and I fell in love with it almost straight away. It actually took me by surprise I must say as I never liked rose scented perfumes. This one is totally different. It definitely has the rose scent but very subtle, sweet, fruity and fresh and when they are all mixed up it gives a delicious romantic scent. I don't normally wear this on a daily basis because it does smell expensive (you know what I mean) and would most suitable for dinners and big events. The lasting power is not as good as Bvlgari of course but it does last me for a couple of hours or so.

Last but not least, 
Chloe EDT
 (Sorry I had to grab this photo of the internet instead of using mine because of what had happened to it)

This perfume reminds me of Paris because it was actually love at first sight when I first saw this pefume in Sephora at Champs Elysees. I first fell in love with the bottle and when I sprayed it onto my hand, I was completely mesmerised by the sweet floral scent. When I first got it I wore it every single day to college until one day, I over-sprayed myself (because I just loved it too much) and that made me feel nauseous. I had to stop wearing it for a couple of months but my love for it never fade.

The only downside about this perfume is the quality of the packaging. I love the design and the glass bottle. It looks expensive (well, it is definitely not a cheap perfume), sophisticated and feminine. However, my bottle seems to have oxidised because the yellow/gold colour that wraps around the top of the bottle has now changed its colour. I thought it reacted with my febreze mist coz I accidentaly sprayed onto the bottle once but my sister said it is not because of that but the metal thing oxidises over time.

Sorry for the appalling quality of the photo as this was taken literally a second ago with my phone. But can you see that the top bit of the perfume has tarnished?

So there you go. My top three favourite perfumes that I adore. What is your favourite perfume?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bow Wedge Pump Shoes

Other than diamonds and bags, shoes are definitely women's bestfriend! Sometimes I wonder how many pair of shoes are sold each year. Millions? Billions?

Choosing a pair of shoes for myself can be a nightmare. I have very small feet, 2.5 UK (Size 35 US) although some size 3 shoes can fit me just fine. I am also short - only 4'11 (very short, I know) so flats or the regular pumps are a big NO for me. Do you see how I have already short listed my options? 

Most of my shoes are high heels and wedges however I like and prefer wearing wedges because not only that they give me height they are definitely more comfortable than heels! I do not own and have never owned a pair of the regular flat pump shoes but whenever I see my sister wearing her flat pumps they looked so cute! So I thought it's about time that I get myself a pair of pumps. I did some research as to which pumps would suit me and I found this!

A very cute bow wedge pump shoes from La Redoute

What is great about these pump shoes? Well, they are wedge pumps! I figure that they will give me extra height, comfort and of course they are cute to wear. Love the little bow! hehe..

Now, what outfit should I wear with these pumps? 
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