Thursday, 26 August 2010

Boots No 7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation

I bought No 7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation a couple of months ago but never actually used it. So today I decided to try it and... I am disappointed.

First, the shade is totally wrong for my skin tone at the moment. I have gone two shades darker (travelling doesn't help at all) and I am/was NC30 in Mac. I got the shade in 30 Almond and it proves to be too light for my skin. Fail!

(You can see that my forehead is way darker than the rest of my face)

Although to be fair, this foundation glides on my skin easily giving me a flawless finish. It is so light that you'd never think that you have any make up on! It also gives full coverage without looking cakey at all. So if you have blemishes or post-blemish marks, this foundation works better than any of the No7 foundation that I have tried so far.

The only downside, apart from the shade - which was my own fault, it does make my t-zone shiny after a while. It's no big deal really as you can always touch-up using some loose powder or blotting powder to reduce the shine.

Overall I think this foundation is worth a try, provided that you found the right shade for you skin tone. :) For £11, it is a definite bargain considering how big the pot is! Have a good day everyone.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Soap and Glory

I turned 24 earlier this month! I am not complaining because it was the BEST birthday I have ever had. Even though I didn't celebrate with my family back home, I have my sister, my boyfriend and his family and our closest friends to celebrate with. Anyway, my sister got me beautiful presents (and so did everyone else) but for the sake of this blog, I am not gonna brag about every single thing that I got. I am just going to share with you the things that are worth reviewing.

First - Arc de Triumph 2 in 1 Brow Sharper and Highlighter

I found that a perfect eyebrow pencil is difficult to find, at least for me. They can either be too light or too dark for by eyebrow colour. Even when I have found the closest shade, it doesn't fill my eyebrows nicely and often they can look too 'drawn on'. This one however seems to have the perfect shade for my eyebrows. Do you think it was just luck? Who knows. Not only that it has the perfect shade, it is smudge-proof, long lasting and it fills in the sparse spots naturally as if I have never filled them.

It's not creamy so it doesn't glide easily. Some people find this annoying as you have to press hard and I heard that this could result in brow hair loss? I personally like it hard and non creamy as it helps me get a precise and sharp eyebrows. The pink highlighter is very useful too. I won't use it on everyday basis though. I will only use it on a night out - to add more definition to my eyelid and give me a sharp looking eyebrow.

The only downside about this item is that it has small particles of glitter and you can actually see them through your brow. I don't know why anyone would want shimmery eyebrow! It may look good during the summer but not for winter.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

Second is the Scrub Your Nose In It

I have only used this scrub about 5 times only but so far, I have no bad reaction to it. I first thought that it is meant for your nose only. I really don't see the purpose of having two different scrubs - one for your nose and another one for the whole face. What a waste of money! However, upon reading the instructions, you can use this as a face scrub AND also as a mask. Isn't that cool?

I have to say that this scrub surprises me. It has extremely fine particles (probably the finest I have ever tried), glides very easily, and has slightly minty scent. The best thing about this product is that it comes off easily with just several splashes. I don't know about you but most of my scrubs left me with some bits and residue on my skin.

The result is pretty noticeable. My slightly congested and dull looking skin now looks fresh and brighter. A good exfoliator helps remove dead skin cells giving out a healthy looking skin and I think that this scrub did a good job!

Verdict :4.5 out of 5

Last one is Scent-Sationalism

I don't really have much thing to say about this product apart from their amazing smell. My favourite one is the one in the middle - Spray on body moisturising mist. It smells sooo good and it lasts all day! You probably won't need perfume when you have this on your body. It also moisturises my skin pretty well (may not beat my Garnier Hydralock lotion) although your skin could get sticky if you sprayed too much.

Verdict: 3 out of 5

My sister has always been a fan of Soap and Glory and I am now too! I love the retro style packaging and their unique names which remind me of Benefit. For a drug store brand, the price is not cheap at all but not overly extortionate either. I am so excited to try other stuff and will definitely put some on my Christmas list!
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