Saturday, 11 December 2010

Beautiful and Elegant = Blair Waldorf

I am a huge fan of Gossip Girl and Blair is definitely my favourite! I still think that she is one of the prettiest woman I have ever seen on TV! I love her beautiful doe eyes, high cheekbones and oh so perfect porcelain complexion. I may have a crush on her at one point. I mean, who doesn't? Here are some of her best outfit and make up that I adore soo much!

Some people may say that Serena has a better wardrobe but I personally prefer Blair's. I mean, both have different styles so I can't really judge. Serena is more towards a boho-chic style or Kate Moss's inspired whilst Blair is more of a preppy kind of style with a feminine and elegant touch. And she only wears dresses and skirts (never seen here wearing a pair of jeans before!). Now, if only I could actually shop their closets!


  1. I love Blair!!! And i love the signature head pieces wardrobe is always putting her in, especially the hats!!!!

  2. Yes! And I think you'll look cute with those hats!! :)


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