Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How should I treat a burn on my arm?

Something not nice happened yesterday. I burned my arm on a hot steel rack in the oven. My arm literally touched the steel rack for just a second and look what it had done to my skin.

I don't know how you treat burns but for me ice do not work at all. Infact ice would normally make it worse by giving me painful blisters. And if you leave the ice for too long, you can get frostbites *yikes!* I am no expert in this but from my research, this is due to extreme temperatures (too hot and too cold) which can irritate the skin. So instead of using ice I just ran my arm under cool water. No blisters whatsoever!  Then I applied Palmer's Cocoa Butter onto the burn as I do not want any scarring. I don't know if this will work but I do have faith in Palmer's Cocoa Butter. They are awesome stuff. I will definitely keep you posted!

I love Palmer's Cocoa Butter

Apart from the smell, I love Palmer's Cocoa Butter! I loathe the chocolate smell (any food smelling lotion/masks/lipgloss make me feel sick) so I got the fragrance free one. Despite it being fragrance free it has quite of an unpleasant smell but I think I got used to it already after using it for quite awhile. I use it everyday without fail and the result is just wonderful. My skin feels so soft and it makes my skin glow too. Definitely my all time favourite cocoa butter!  Now that I have burn scars, let us see if this stuff help reduce them too.


  1. Ouch! I hate burns! I've had some nasty curling iron ones when my hair was shorter.

    I'm the same way about lotions that smell like food! I can't stand the smell of them!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and for your sweet comment. It made my day that I remind you of Elizabeth Wakefield because I loved Sweet Valley as well! Btw, I'm following your blog now as well! :)


  2. ah, sorry about your burn! it looks like it hurts! i use ice packs to calm the heat, and some moisturizer for treatment. feel better :)


  3. Elizabeth: Thank you for following:) Do you get scars from those burns? And how did you get rid of them? xx

    Leigh: It hurt at first but after I applied cocoa butter on it, it calmed down and now I am just hoping that I do not leave any scars behind:( xx

  4. Hi Maya,
    I don't like the smell of Palmers Cocoa butter either.

    This is in reply to the comment you left on my blog, but I suppose it could apply here too... Have you tried running a handful of oats under warm water to soften them, then gently rubbing them over your skin where the blemishes are? Another good tip I am quite confident will help with the burn is aloe vera. I am sure you can get aloe vera creams from health shops (or better still, buy an aloe vera plant, cut off some of the leaves and squeeze the gel out of them onto the burn).

    All the best,

  5. I love Clarins and Cocoa Butter


  6. thanks for following dear :) I followed back and wanted to let you know that for my burns I usually use toothpaste.. I know weird right? but it works, at least for me. My mom told me about this and it stops the pain as well as prevents it from blistering. You should try this next time and see if it works for you :)


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