Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Let's exfoliate our body!

Do you like to exfoliate your skin? Be it your face or your body? I think exfoliation is important in order to get a healthy looking, radiant and glowing skin. It also maximises moisturising effectiveness making our skin feel softer and younger.

I used to have acne prone skin and because of my skin condition, I must and could only exfoliate twice a week. Now that my skin is clear from blemishes (although I am left struggling with post-acne scars), I normally exfoliate my skin once a week or even twice a week if I am travelling. I will blog about my facial scrub next time. With my body, I exfoliate once a week focusing more on my upper arms, thighs, heels, elbows and bottom.

I have been using Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub all this while. It is gentle for my sensitive skin and rinses away easily without leaving a residue. I first got this body scrub as a gift from a friend about 3 years ago and I completely fell head over heels with the smell that I had to buy a bigger one myself. I also like the fact that it has micro beads and not granules as I found that granules are quite abrasive. This body scrub is thick and non greasy which leaves my skin feeling clean and silky smooth. The only downside is the price. It is not cheap (I think I bought it around £27 for 20ml at Boots) but it is worth every penny!

Unfortunately I ran out of it a month ago and I decided to try something new and cheaper. I got myself Boots Botanics Moisturing Sugar Scub costing only £5.87 for a 450ml jar. What a bargain!

But I was so disappointed when I first used it. It was too greasy and too thick that it was almost water-resistant. I had to take another shower to get rid of the grease although my skin did feel smooth after that. So the next week I tried it again by using a small amount - same thing! It was impossible to get it off my skin without taking another shower. The worse thing about this scrub is that it gave me blemishes on my chest! I don't know if I scrubbed too much or it is because of the grease. But whatever it is, I am not going to use this let alone repurchasing it. What is your favourite body scrub?


  1. Oh I know what you mean about the residues left behind by body scrubs! I was given a "Soap & Glory" one as a gift and it was impossible to wash the residue off. I recently got a "body shop olive oil" one as a free gift with my other purchases from there, but I have not tried it yet. If it is any good I will let you know!

    Great post by the way. Your posts are always so well writen and interesting!

  2. Great, informative blog! xx

  3. Wow the texture of the Boots scrub looks amazing, too bad it isn't that great ):

  4. Voe: Thank you.. YOUR blog is interesting not mine! I have soap and glory face scrub but I haven't used it for quite a while. It's because of the smell (again, I know!) Please let me know about the body scrub. Would love to try if it is good! xx

    Emma: Thank you Emma for visiting my blog. I have visited yours too and your blog looks pretty:)

    Gaby: Yes, I forgot to mention the texture of the bodyscrub! It has a very fine-texture which was one of the reasons why I bought it. Unfortunately it doesn't suit me (blemishes) and because of the greasiness and thickness of this product, I had to say no to it:(

    And thank you for following me.. I visited your blog and love it! I am your follower now:)


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