Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lawyers Looking Glamourous

If you haven't guessed yet, I am a law student. I finished my LLB Law last year and currently doing the Bar. It used to be called the Bar Vocational Course (Bar) but they have changed it to Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). If I were to summarise this whole course, I'd say it is extremely intense! If you are not ready to sacrifice your social life, think twice! I do not mean it to be bad altogether but I have to say you must be ready to dedicate most of your time to this course. Do you remember when you were a full time student in your undergraduate? Well, that was just a playschool dear friend. This course is extremely hardcore and if I were to compare it with something, I'd say it is like being in a military camp! But on the other hand, this is what I'd like to become one day - a barrister.

Towards the end of my course a few months back, we had an annual dinner at the Crown Plaza Hotel. I like annual dinners or black tie events because it is the time that I could dress up! Now, being a lawyer ( I am not one yet but will become one very soon, fingers crossed), you have less time for yourself. Your shopping is limited to white shirts and black pencil skirts, your hair will be tied up in a bun all the time or covered by a wig (it is a lifesaver on bad hair days!) and of course, red lipsticks all the way.

This was one of the many days when we had to go to court at 8.30 am!

But that does not stop lawyers from being glamorous and becoming celebrities on special events! At the annual dinner event, I was so excited to see everyone dressed up in their best outfit and who would have thought that the ladies can do their own make up as if they are a make up guru!

Here are some pictures of my colleagues and I at the annual dinner. 

Me in a black dress!

Do you have make up tips for special events?

I am happy to say that I have finished my course but still waiting for my results. I really hope that I pass all my exams *fingers crossed* so that I can become a full time shopper and make up junkie, before I start practising as a lawyer. I really miss having fun with make up, dressing up, watching make up gurus on youtube and of course reading people's blogs. So let's hope for the best and if you are waiting for your results too, I wish you all the best! 


  1. so jealous! i've only just finished my first year at uni :( long way to go yet! hope it works out for you. now following :)

  2. Thank you for following! You'll soon be in your final year before you know it:)I hope you had a ball in your first year. Are you going to do LPC or BPTC?

  3. You are so gorgeous! You all really do look glamorous.

  4. JC: Thank you.. You too are gorgeous! Visited your blog and really liked it. I am following now:) xx

  5. So fancy and glamorous! Love it.


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