Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation

A few months ago, I had been on a hunt for a great foundation.. and I found this.

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation
First off, I have oily skin which was prone to break outs. I have medium skin tone with yellow undertone. As I used to suffer from horrible acne I am still battling the post-acne scarring. The brown marks are slowly fading but some are quite stubborn and are obvious from a distance. When I did my research to find the right foundation, I typed in:
  • Oily skin
  • Acne - prone
  • Great coverage
There were a few options for me such as:
  • Clinique Clarifying Make up
  • Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation
  • Bare Minerals Foundation 
  • Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear - I used to wear this foundation but I don't love it. 

So, I went to Selfridges to get matched for my colour and went straight to Bobbi Brown as it was the first one that I saw upon entering the mall. The lady tried three different shades on me and we agreed that Natural Tan was the closest to my skin tone.  Initially she applied one coat to my skin which gives a natural finish but built it up to cover up my blemished skin. It was a miracle! The scars that you can see from a distance was no longer there, well at least for temporary and I don't look cakey at all! I was totally sold and fell in love with it! I have completely forgotten about the other foundations and left the mall with a cute little yellow selfridges bag with my precious Bobbi Brown foundation in it.

I have used this foundation for sometimes now and this is what I think about it:

  • Gives me light coverage and can be buildable to medium/full coverage that gives a flawless finish
  • Covers my scars without looking cakey
  • Matched my skin tone - thanks to the great range of colours they have!
  • Doesn't break me out at all!!
  • Very easy and smooth to apply
  • Does not oxidise 
  • It has SPF
  • A bit dewy and oily at the end of the day

Fresh Face upon using the foundation

5 hours after

Overall, I think this foundation would be suitable for any occasions, day or night. I would use it daily for work as well. One pump is enough to give you a very light fresh looking face. Should you need more coverage, you can always put more and build it up. 

Thanks for taking your time to read this post. Have a great day! x


  1. Looks like a lovely foundation, may try a sample next time I'm near a BB counter.


  2. That foundation is amazing!

  3. Thanks ladies for your comments! x


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