Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Elf Nail Polish

About a month ago, I bought a few stuff from ELF with the 50% off voucher. I bought some brushes, nail polish and make up.

Now where do I start?

Nail polish!

I never bought any nail polish from elf before but because they are so cheap I grabbed almost all the colours that I saw on their website. So what do I think of them? The colours on the website are not very accurate. Starting off with the Red Velvet.

Colour: Red Velvet

As you can see from the first picture (taken from their website), the colour is dark red/maroon with shimmer whilst mine in the second picture was just like a standard red with no shimmer at all. I did wonder if they have sent me the wrong colour but I read the label so many times and it has red velvet printed on the sticker underneath the bottle. So upset! 

Quality wise:
  • They all peel rather than chip (is that normal?)
  • They last couple of days only
  • They are mostly sheer
  • Not very nice finish. Like semi-matte or rubbery
  • The darker ones are quite pigmented but you still need 2-3 coats to get a non-streaky finish
  • Some of my bottles are weird. The bottle and cap do not align when I close it tightly (again, is that normal?)
  • They stain without a base coat
Colour: Passion Pink

 Colour: Passion Pink
1 coat

Colour: Passion Pink
2 coats

The cap does not align with the bottles

I am aware that these nail polish are just under £2 so I don't expect much. I can still tolerate their poor quality (you get what you pay for) however as a customer, I felt that I was misled by their not so accurate colours presented to me on their website. Will I repurchase their nail polish again? Hmm.. maybe not:( 


  1. amazing colours! love the pink a lot.

    following u!

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    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  2. Omg what a haul!! You're going to have so much fun with all those colors!

  3. Yes, although I won't repurchase them I still have to finish them:) x

  4. I love E.L.F products, especially their studio line, (which is a bit more expensive) but I totally agree their nail polishes are awful! And it's so annoying the way the lid doesn't align!


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